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  • Published on

    New Editor!

    We have shipped a few features that make you love Hyperlog even more! We have completely refactored the editor experience. We're excited for you all who have gotten the invite to try it out now!

    Here are a few more things we've added in store for you:

    • ✒ Brand new writing experience
    • 🧭 One more theme
    • ❤ Sleek Hyperlog Widget
    • 🧿 Better Feedback site

    Oh, and don't forget to give us the feedback as soon as you encounter something or want some feature. You can also upvote on the features that other people are interested to have.

    May the 4th be with you 🌌🔫.

  • Published on

    Adding new changelog!

    This will be the place for us to keep all our new changes. We'll try to make sure that everything that you see here is updated as frequently as possible.

    For this week though, these are the changes:

    • 📁 Created Changelog Pages
    • 📄 Created Blog

    Be on the lookout, because we are gonna keep up with bringing the best new features to you.

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